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Our 2023 Donation Recipient will be...

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This year, through a neighborhood-wide vote, our neighborhood community has chosen P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative to be the recipient of our 2023 donation.


P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative, formerly P.U.N.T. Foundation, was founded as a public charity in 2004 by former Buffalo Bill and NFL Pro Bowl Punter Brian Moorman. P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative provides families in Western New York facing pediatric cancer with critical programs that offer financial, practical and emotional support from diagnosis to recovery and bereavement. The P.U.N.T. acronym stands for Perseverance, Understanding, Need and Teamwork.

Additional information about P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative can be found on their website,

Past Donation Recipients

2022: $75,197.13 was donated to The Evan Wood Fund

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